Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Wolverine

     For Wolverine fans or women in search of a hot body to look at - Go See It.  For anyone else, Wait for the DVD.  Now, I'm not a huge Wolverine fan except that I really like the hero types - those willing to do what it takes to make sure the bad guys get what is coming to them - and Logan totally fits that hero type.  In fact, in this movie I think he is more of a hero than ever.
     There were some really great "bad guy gets it" moments in this movie - actually, there were a lot of them and it was almost worth seeing the movie just for that.  There were also some kind of funny parts that no one laughed at except me (I'm totally used to laughing all by myself but if you go see this and it gets to the part just before he goes to say goodbye to his friend, let me know if you thought it was funny too and I just happened to be watching this with a bunch of cretins).
     I've never seen Rila Fukushima before but I liked her in this movie.  She is a great combination of vulnerable and kick-a** and I love her smile at the end.  The people I saw this with thought she had a distracting hair style (they said it was lame) but I thought it was kind of cool. I'm not sold on the color but it is very Japanese.
     The other lead actress, Tao Okamoto, was not the best actress I've ever seen.  She is very pretty but you could totally tell that she was a model trying to break into acting (and not doing the best job).
     Most of the time I judge a movie by how it makes me feel when it's over.  I didn't feel much of anything when this was over which is why I think you would have to be a big Wolverine fan (or lusty woman - I admit, Hugh Jackman's body is RIDICULOUS!!) to love it.  Having said that, you know how they have little bits of movies after the credits run (the Shwarma scene after The Avengers being one of the best)?  This one is totally worth waiting for.  I almost enjoyed the little bit after the credits as much as I did the whole rest of the movie. If you're looking for something to see this weekend and you've seen everything else, you could do worse.

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